Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sandra Bullock - Oscar Winner?

Yes, I have used a similar headline before and yes, I realize that that is a picture of Meryl Streep and not Sandra Bullock...but now that it's looking more and more likely that Sandra Bullock will snatch that Best Actress Oscar away from Meryl Streep, I must put a stop to this madness! Sandra Bullock just won the Screen Actors Guild award for her work in 'The Blind Side' a few minutes ago. No disrespect to Sandra Bullock, whose movies have delighted me for the past decade and a half....I fell for her 'While You Were Sleeping'! As much as I enjoyed 'The Blind Side', I still think that Meryl Streep's performance in 'Julie & Julia' is nothing short of miraculous - it was a case of a phenomenal artist working at the top of her game. Still, I am hopeful that Meryl can regain some momentum. 'The Blind Side' is the highest-grossing film that will likely contend for an acting category Oscar and it came out around Thanksgiving so it has the recency effect on its side, as opposed to 'Julie & Julia', which was also a big hit (crossing the $100 million benchmark since its release this summer). Perhaps SAG voters voted for Sandra over Meryl's performance because they felt that Meryl's victory in the same category last year (for 'Doubt') was too recent to repeat but since Meryl did not win the Oscar last year for her 'Doubt' performance, I'm guessing that the Academy might feel like this is the performance to break her 26 year losing streak (starting from her nomination for 1983's 'Silkwood'). I mean, c'mon....the greatest living actress in America deserves to be celebrated by a whole new generation of her peers, many of whom, no doubt, were inspired to go into acting because of her contribution to cinema. Still, I gotta admit that Sandra is doing such a great job on the awards show circuit and she has followed her charming acceptance speech at last weekend's Golden Globes with an even more lovely and humble one at the SAG Awards. If anyone can rival Meryl Streep for most popular actress in Hollywood right now, it's Sandra.

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