Thursday, 21 January 2010

It's NOT Complicated!

Alec Baldwin's stunning performance in the hit comedy 'It's Complicated' finally got some awards attention today, with the veteran film and television star scoring a best supporting actor nomination from the British Film Academy. I am glad that the BAFTAs have the good sense to acknowledge his hilarious and touching work as the ex-husband of domestic goddess, Meryl Streep. On paper, the character is the archetypical alpha-male who follows his impulses as if blissfully unaware of the emotional repercussions of his actions, not just to himself but also, to others. It could have been an ordeal witnessing the trials and triumphs of this obnoxious man-child but Mr. Baldwin gives the character his unique charisma and a whole lotta heart. The seemingly spontaneous energy of his dynamite, vanity-free performance, no doubt, contributed to the loosey-goosey feel of Ms. Streep's equally phenomenal performance. After having been snubbed at both the Golden Globes (where 'It's Complicated' was nominated for best comedy/musical, best actress and best screenplay) and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I am thrilled that Alec Baldwin is finally getting recognition for his beautiful work in this poignantly funny movie, which I have taken to my heart. Here's hoping that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will reward this amazing star for his star turn!

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