Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thai pop goes global!

Tata Young is a female pop singer who has been a star in her native Thailand since she was a teenager. Over the past decade, she has been expanding her fan base across East Asia and India and now, it looks like she's about to go global, becoming the face of Thai pop music to a worldwide audience. I'm so excited about this because Thailand is full of talented people with lots of creativity and drive and for whatever reason in the past, the world stage was not ready for or open to us (yes, basically, this post is all about per usual!). Well, the world is changing and becoming a richer, more interesting place for it. Buzz for Tata Young's third English-language album, Ready For Love (released in late August), has been growing louder and louder and if you check out the music video for the eponymous lead single, you'll understand why! Go, girl...represent!

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