Monday, 21 September 2009

The Waterina

Oh, my is disgraceful of me that the last post on here was from August! As a newbie blogger, I know that I have to keep posting on a regular basis or else the momentum of the blog will just lag and eventually, it will a poor abandoned dog that's been left to fend for itself in a cruel, cruel world. I was in Thailand and I did not have the resources to update this blog but now, I'm back!!!

I have been in Singapore for eight days now and I just want to share a few pictures of my current home. I'm living in a part of town that is known as the red light district of Singapore but what people want to do with themselves is their business and I couldn't care less. The condo is known as 'The Waterina' and it is in Geylang. In addition to the centre piece swimming pool, there are other facilities, including an ass-scaldingly hot jacuzzi and a basic but functional gym, where I can do my 5km run without being hindered by the heat and the humidity that comes with living so close to the equator!

This is the bedroom...those of you who know me well might recognize my teddybear on the right and for those of you who don't me that well, yes, I am a 29 year old man who still owns a teddybear!

The apartment itself is on the top floor and it's a fairly spacious pad as far as one-bedroom apartments go but the thing that makes it truly special is the walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom, what the locals call a 'bunker'...I feel so glamma-US whenever I step in there to decide which pair of Calvin Kleins or 2(x)ists to a classy trophy wife!

The final shot is the view from the apartment...the swimming pool is lit up at night...yes, in the immortal words of Ja Rule, I'm livin' it up!

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