Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ready to 'Scream'...

...all over again?

After the initial announcement that Courtney Cox Arquette and her husband, David Arquette, will be returning to the Scream franchise, where they first met as co-stars almost a decade and a half ago, it was speculated that the fourth installment of the hit horror series would be built around them, as Neve Campbell was unlikely to return....well, guess what, folks? It has been announced that Neve will now be returning, too, and Kevin Williamson, the writer of the original trilogy is now penning a whole new trilogy. It is also reported that Wes Craven, the director of the first three Scream movies, is also in negotiations. Personally, I loved the first Scream movie like nobody's business. Maybe coz it came out when I was still in high school and watching the movie when it came out made me appreciate that my high school experience was not as wanton and violent as the one depicted in the movie. After all, this was the late 90s, the time of the Columbine high school massacre.

I don't know what they are gonna do with the original characters when a whole new story is being written...I mean, it's kinda stretching credibility way too thin to put these poor (albeit, fictional) souls through more hell...still, I'm curious to see what Mr. Williamson will come up with. More than anything, I am thrilled that Neve Campbell is back. I was not a fan of Ms. Campbell when she was on Party of Five and The Craft. It was only after the original Scream trilogy finished that I became a huge fan of hers, when I saw her in Robert Altman's The Company, in 2003...but back to Scream. Let's hope Mr. Craven signs on to direct because it won't be the same without his expert touch! Boy, that's when you know you're getting old....when the period when you were in high school gets a nostalgic revival!

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